One of the most original artists from the north of Lithuania Paulius Arlauskas has been painting portraits and fancy traceries of phantasmagoric creatures for several years now.
Over a decade ago this artist became famous as an original musician, performer and composer, text author and the mover of musical moves. These qualities of him became intertwined with the profession acquired in Šauliai Pedagogical University.
As the artist was constantly in the middle of all artistic ideas both as their mover and organizer, his biography is decorated by a motley list of different international, national, –©auliai city artistic projects, concerts, video-art events, different exhibitions and provocative street art moves. On the other hand, this artist is prone to constant migration between the territories of elite, experimental, Bohemian, mass, popular art.
He provokes the appearance of new, unexpected art forms and concepts by his actions and undertakings.
It rarely happens so that Paulius Arlauskas takes part in only one exhibition at a time. He can paint radiant ornaments on the body of a model, take part in a TV show, and open an exhibition in a gallery all in one day. It is obvious that this artist has clearly found his own individual world of inimitable lines, colours and forms.