l was born on the 17th of March, 1987  in  Vilnius, Lithuania. From 2007 to 2010  l studied  ceramik in Vilniaus Art Academy and took bachelor degree. Also l studied in Italy  Accademia di Brera di Milano, sculpture. Since 2008 l  participates in collective expositions in Lithuania and Italy, some personal exhibition in Italy. l exhibited paintings, decorative  sculptures, instaliations from clay, gypsum, silicone. Most of all l like to do ceramics sculptures.


Personal exhibitions:
2009 – Exhibition of sculptures and paintings in Italy, Genova.
2010 - Exibition  of sculptures and paintings in Italy, Milano.

Major common exhibitions:
2007 - Ceramik "Pieva", Medaliu gallery, Lithuania , Vilnius.
2008 - Ceramik '' Vanduo", Baroty gallery,  Lithuania, Klaipeda,
2009 - Ceramik " Vilnius Kaunas", Kaunas Keramikos museum, 2010 - "Vilnius Kaunas" , Kaire Desine gallery , Vilnius
2010 - Ceramik Bienal, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Other participations in others art activity.